Lean management through scheduling, Highway construction


Scheduling phase, repetitive scheduling, Proactivity, Uncertainties impact, Buffering Design Management, uninterrupted resource flow, incorporation system between Proactive scheduling and lean tools, Highway management.

Construction projects are usually executed in an outdoor environment. Therefore, they are affected by various conditions, which produce waste. Highway construction activities are sensitive to these conditions. Furthermore, uncertainties and resource interruption are the main reasons of waste in highway projects. Dealing with uncertainties and resource interruption through planning and controlling phases is a problem.

Research of Lean management along with Scheduling, focuses on eliminating waste, and achieving continuous flow through highway construction process. Incorporating scheduling and lean tools for controlling and management is very important. This incorporation can achieve a look ahead schedule and a pull technique through a proper schedule. Consequently, converting the flow of resources from interrupted to uninterrupted flow is done. Moreover, Idle and waiting time are consequently reduced.

Lean offers tools and techniques, which cooperate with BDM to create a remarkable success in management. Therefore, resources are truly through a clear, proper repetitive schedule.