Autonomous Manipulator for Decontamination Assignments - AMANDA I

At the Institute of Technology an Management in Construction at the TH Karlsruhe, basic tests have been carried out in recent years to develop a self-sufficient manipulator for decontamination work (AMANDA). This is a remotely operated carrier system that can be used without auxiliary systems using vacuum technology on different substrates in conventional and nuclear areas. The basic version of the manipulator was designed for carrying and surface removal with a milling machine.

Autonomously Climbing Manipulator

  • The autonomously climbing manipulator AMANDA I is a machine for decontamination assignments on wall and ceiling surfaces.
  • Modern vacuum technology provides the connection between the manipulator and the object to be treated.
  • Primary use of AMANDA I is the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Manipulator Processing Head

sensitive surface abrasion
  • In order to be able to process the surface according to the requirements, AMANDA is equipped with a milling attachment.


Advantages of the Manipulator

  • applicable with high flexibility
  • compact design and on demand accuracy
  • attachment selectable (e.g. milling attachment, core drilling machine, etc.)
  • minimized labor utilization
  • remote controlled
  • cost efficient (no scaffolding needed)
  • especially suited for high and large rooms

Technical Facts and Figures


1,30 m x 1,30 m


290 kg approx.


6 m² to 8 m², depending on motion pattern


1 Operator

Energy Supply:

Pressurized Air
Milling Attachment 200 m³/h
Ejector Pipe 11 m³/h
Power Supply 400 V

Wearing Parts:

Suction Plates - Robust, Easy to Change
Milling Discs – Minimized Waste

Alternative Attachments

  • Core Drilling Machine
  • Device for Characterization (Release Measurement)