Scientific studies on any matter in the area of building project- and processmanagement as well as building process engineering:

  • Systematic literature research on the state of research and the state of practice
  • Secondary studies based on existing databases
  • Surveys and structured interviews
  • Project analysis
  • Market investigations
  • Experiments and simulations on technological and procedurally issues


Implementation of procedures for extrajudicially conflict resolutions by Prof. Dr. Shervin Haghsheno

  • Mediation process
  • Arbitration process
  • Adjudication process


Consulting services:

  • Project organization und project structure planning
  • Awarding strategies of the contract
  • Project execution and contractual models based on partnership
  • Alliancing and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Moderation of Partnering-Workshops
  • Consruction process management
  • Lean Construction
  • Tact planning- und tact control
  • Last Planner System
  • Value stream analysis
  • Buisiness processes


Creation of expert reports:

  • Construction business issues within negotiated contracts
  • Professional fees for designers and project controllers
  • Remuneration and construction time within the construction of a work
  • Construction procedurally issues 


Presentations and training courses:

  • Presentations about special topics related to building project- and building process management
  • Training courses for teams in companies and projects