Institute of Technology and Management in Construction


Archiv 2021


archive 2020

  • Process Mining in the construction industry
    Tobias Kropp
  • A Study of Applicability of Lean Methods and Lean Layout in Emergency Departments
    Guo Sigi
  • Analysis of the current taxation of real estate
    Ghatas Malki

Archive 2019

  • Optimization of the occupancy planning of lecture halls by means of sensor-based people counting devices
    Marius Kressibuch
  • Development of a digital business model for the technical equipment procurement of a nationwide operating contracting company
    Tristan Emich
  • Analysis and evaluation of the geometric model of an existing building with its technical building equipment generated by means of a HoloLens
    Ana Bravo Jürgensen
  • Development of a holistic and strategic operating model to combine Corporate Real Estate Management and local Facility Management services for international corporations
    Maximilian Steinhauser
  • Investigation of possible criteria for decision making in transport infrastructure projects
    Sören Hemmelgarn
  • Development of a concept for the transfer and continuous maintenance of FM processes using computer-aided software at the Bühl site of Robert Bosch GmbH
    Ferdinand Forcher

Archive 2018

  • Analysis to assess the summer comfort and thermal insulation of buildings
    Benedict Magnus Weinelt
  • Evaluation of the market for certified real estate according to the CSR guidelines of the operating, leading companies
    Carmen Gloria Kutt
  • The importance of green building certificates for real estate valuation
    Volcano Akgöz
  • Studies on the value of life cycle costing in the sustainability assessment of buildings
    Daglar Haykir
  • Development of strategies to reduce the use of grey energy in buildings
    Alexander von Gierke
  • Investigations into corruption in the awarding of facility management services in a Europe-wide tender
    Ali Berat Erdogan
  • Development of a learning game for the selection of an economical facade grid
    Ignacio Camacho Perez
  • Literature research on the construction and management of real estate in 18th-century Germany, which was characterised by a shortage of timber
    Hassan Hout
  • Increasing the efficiency of Due Diligence Real Estate through digitalization
    Rimon Daniel

Archive 2017

Archive 2016

Archive 2015
Archive 2014
  • Development of a tool for minimizing the area-dependent facility management costs of general care stations, taking into account medical, hygienic and social conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany
    Heiko Langel
  • Are CO2-neutral buildings feasible? Presentation of technological developments in the construction industry
    Jowita Sznajder
  • Critical examination of the maintenance costs of new building services technologies
    Felix Hertle
  • Energy-oriented real estate portfolio management in the municipal environment - development of a valuation tool
    Jan Benedikt Kerbeck
Archive 2013
  • Renovation of old buildings - renovation methods for energy saving using concrete practical examples
    Kathrin Lohmer
  • The Last Planner System as an innovative approach in Facility Management Consulting
    Mustafa Ustaoglu
  • Evaluation model of the advantages of the alternatives demolition and new construction versus building refurbishment
    Jonas Hoth
  • Development of a guideline for the creation of a future-oriented real estate utilization concept for existing portfolios
    Tamara Gishieva
  • "Production costs of a hospital under consideration of the area composition"
    cand.-Ing. Stephan Bergwanger
  • Development of a decision model for the outsourcing of facility management services of a hospital
    cand. B.Sc. Janek Holubarsch
  • Benchmarking of Facility Management Services in a Hospital in Cape Town
    cand.-Ing. Alenxandra Speich
  • "Development of a simplified procedure for assessing the condition of Christian religious buildings
    cand. B.Sc. Clemens Muckle
  • "Exemplary life cycle cost calculation of industrial roof structures as a decision support for building owners during the project planning phase".
    cand.-Ing. Yannick Harter
  • "Maintenance and inspection intervals of building services equipment"
    cand. B.Sc. Jacob Utsch
  • "Introduction of an electronic time recording system in the building yard using the example of the municipality of Birkenfeld"
    cand.-Ing. Jan Beutelschieß
Archive 2012
  • "Model for integrating sustainability aspects in real estate portfolio management for non-property companies and development of an Excel tool" cand.-Ing. Mariano Deidda
  • "Maintenance of plants for regenerative energy production using the example of wind power plants".
    cand. B. Sc. Alexander Bombeck
  • "Possibilities of determining and measuring the quality of FM processes in hospitals"
    cand.-Ing. Fabian Kleinschnitz
  • "Public sector building management"
    cand.-Ing. Carl Pioch
  • "Potentials of PPP in the Chinese hospital sector as an alternative procurement option"
    cand.- Ing. Yuelong Yu
  • "Cost-effectiveness of 'multi-comfort' constructions - development of a method for the economic analysis of new construction and renovation solutions for the building envelope in residential buildings from the perspective of the self-user".
    cand.- Ing. Milena Berl
  • "Analysis of the decisive factors influencing the level of maintenance costs of technical systems in building construction".
    cand.- Ing. Nadja Deis
Archive 2011
  • "Analysis of the DGNB certification with regard to the integration of evaluation criteria from the FM sector"
    cand.- engineer Andreas Hänßler
  • "Development and analysis of the cost-benefit ratio of measures for sustainability optimisation in terms of DGNB certification".
    cand.- Ing. Nora Justen
  • "Model for the strategic location evaluation of existing office properties for portfolio management in non-property companies".
    cand.- Ing. Matthias Schulz
  • "Analysis of international real estate certification systems with regard to their suitability for assessing the sustainability of existing buildings from the Corporate Real Estate sector".
    cand.- Ing. Gerald Kremer
  • "Collection of cost data for the operation of technical installations, comparison with the AMEV draft of 04/2010 and development of approaches to planning the necessary financial resources".
    cand.- Ing. Alain Kiefer
  • Applicability of European FM guidelines in South Africa using the example of hospitals
    cand.- Ing. Beate Sternberg
  • Analysis of Public Private Partnership (PPP) as a possible procurement option for schools in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa
    cand.- Ing. Sebastian Lorenz
  • "Study on the involvement of regional small and medium-sized enterprises in PPP projects
    cand.- Ing. Georgios Vidalis
  • "Analysis of DGNB certification with regard to the integration of evaluation criteria from the field of facility management (ecology, technology, process quality)".
    cand.- Ing. Ramazan Güzel
  • "Country-specific service products of FM companies - a comparative study: South Africa / Germany"
    cand.- Ing. Matthias Named
Archive 2009
  • "Development of a solution approach for budgeting of maintenance expenses of church buildings on the basis of the PABI tool".
    cand.-Ing. Ina Räuchle
  • "Service life of components"
    cand.-Ing. Melanie Caillat
  • "Establishment of a strategically oriented controlling loop for facility management services"
    cand.- Ing. Daniela Schneider
  • "Importance of location and location for sustainable shopping centers"
    cand.- Ing. Lars Nickel
  • "Contribution to the development of an economic evaluation model for the life cycle cost analysis of sustainable buildings".
    cand.- engineer Thomas Kalmbacher
  • "Profitability of Facility Management in the context of Green Building Development"
    Alexander Cronauer
Archive 2008
  • "Flexible construction under the aspect of sustainability"
    cand.- Ing. Simone Dreßler
  • "Development of a solution approach for budgeting of maintenance expenses of old buildings on the basis of the "PABI-Tool", using the example of five real properties"(Master thesis in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt)
    Dipl.- Ing. Jens Bossmann
  • "Management of Operational Risks in PPP Projects - Model Approach for Handling Operational Risks in the Bidding Phase under Consideration of Contractual Aspects".
    cand.- Ing. Bahar Muhcu
  • "Evaluation of savings contracting as a facet in the field of facility management using the example of METRO Group's retail properties".
    cand.- Ing. Xiaoai Ren
  • "Development of bases for the estimation and recording of selected usage costs of energy-saving office buildings"(In cooperation with the Chair of Economics and Ecology of Housing Construction, Prof. Lützkendorf)
    cand.- Ing. Elka Nedelcheva
  • "Draft of a cooperation model of three municipalities in Baden-Württemberg in the fields of property management, construction and building yard".
    cand.- engineer Daniel Blöchle


Archive 2006
  • "Development of a concept for the organisation of warranty tracking in the course of the implementation of a management contract using the case study Cannstatter Carré
    "cand.- Ing. Matthias Rinn
  • "Evaluation of the school construction funding guidelines of the individual federal states and development of a funding method that supports the public sector in a life cycle oriented and optimized maintenance of school buildings
    " cand.- Ing. Sven Markmann
  • "Comparison of the real estate management of the Catholic Church, exemplified for the Archdiocese of Freiburg, with other forms of real estate management
    " cand.- Ing. Axel Kramer
  • "Investigation of the correlation of characteristic data of the primary process using the example of the operating area to determine cost keys for facility management services in hospitals" (In cooperation with the Chair of Economics and Ecology of Housing Construction, Prof. Lützkendorf
    )Johannes Heck
  • "Influence of the use of virtual project rooms on document management in the construction phase
    " cand.- Ing. Andreas Hahn
  • "Development of risk profiles for PPP projects in public building construction using the example of schools
    "cand.- Ing. Philip Breuer
  • "Comparison of German and Australian procurement methods for PPP in public building construction on the basis of general documents and tender documents for two PPP prisons
    " cand.- Ing. Fabian Kohlbecker


Archive 2005
  • "Public Private Partnership in the hospital sector - Analysis of current projects worldwide
    " cand. ing. Anne Lederer
  • "Determination of interdependencies of different maintenance measures for real estate on the basis of collected life cycle data" (in cooperation with the Chair of Economics and Ecology of Housing Construction, Prof. Lützkendorf
    )cand.-ing Sandra Schnabel
  • "Analysis and evaluation of maintenance and management measures and their effect on heating energy consumption using the example of real data from three school buildings
    " cand.-ing. Katrin Kühni
  • "Public Private Partnership in Brazil - Investigation of current building construction projects with special regard to Brazilian legislation in this area
    " cand.-ing. Tino Gilbert
  • "Public Private Partnership in the hospital sector - Investigation of current projects worldwide
    " cand.-ing. Anne Lederer
  • "Introduction of a Balanced Scorecard in the State Property and Building Administration using the example of the Freiburg Office
    "cand.-ing. Nina Schmauser
  • "Hochtief Hellas - First measures to introduce a quality management system
    " cand.-ing. Andreas Katechakis
  • "Analysis and evaluation of maintenance and management measures and their effect on media consumption using real data from office and administration buildings
    " cand.-ing. Dimitrios Klavdianos
  • "Development of a scheme to determine the rough net asset value of a property with special consideration of the condition and age of important components
    " cand.-ing. Florian Liebenstein


Archive 2004
  • "Optimisation of operating costs of commercial and residential properties
    " cand.-ing. Heerdegen, Anett
  • "Evaluation of real estate management measures
    " cand.-ing. Christian Brand
  • "Determination of the net value of a property using the example of the Freiburg Regional Court
    "cand.-ing. Marc Schick
  • "Process and cost optimization in the facility management department of Lindner Bulgaria O.O.D
    "cand.-ing. Anton Guintchev
  • "Analysis of the usability of existing data (peacetime new building value and data from fire insurance companies) for the condition and value assessment of public real estate
    " cand.-ing. Stephan Gerwien


Archive 2003
  • "Evaluation of maintenance strategies with regard to different construction methods in automotive industrial construction and development of a life cycle oriented model for facility management appropriate planning based on projects of Daimler Chrysler AG
    " cand.-ing. Jürgen Hoss
  • "Analysis of the key factors influencing the comparison of retail properties and their FM services
    " cand.-ing. Jürg Schönthaler
  • "Documentation of the development of target processes for data maintenance in facility management
    " cand.-ing. Stefan Reichhart
  • "Analysis of the logistics process of drug and medical product logistics in hospitals
    " cand.-ing. Matthias Weber


Archive 2002
  • "Component-related maintenance strategies to optimise the service life of a property"
    cand.-ing. Thomas Huxhold
  • "Analysis of existing benchmarking projects in Europe"
    cand.-ing. Tina Beckenbach
  • "Comparative assessment and differentiation of benchmarking from other known management instruments".
    cand.-ing. Jie Yang
  • "Calculation of profitability of state-owned rental properties - 6 case studies of state-owned forest lodges - "
    cand.-ing. Gabriel Hintz
  • "Analysis of the decisive factors influencing the cleaning indicators of real estate"
    cand.-ing. Silke Good Time
  • "Determination of the essential facility management data in the hospital"
    cand.-ing. Jens Krämer
  • "Review of the transferability of activity-based costing to facility management in hospitals"
    cand.-ing. Felix Eberhardt
  • "Evaluation of planning decisions to optimize operating costs under consideration of different user-operator constellations".
    cand.-ing. Michael Doe Shoe
  • "The Development Process; 5 Case Studies of Swedish Developers"
    cand.-ing. Christina Onderka
  • "Analysis of the Logistics Process Disposal in Hospitals"
    cand.-ing. Stefan Rothweiler
  • "Analysis of the processes maintenance and servicing of medical technology in hospitals"
    cand.-ing. Marcus Ebert
  • "Tasks and significance of facility management in the planning phase for a property"
    cand.-ing. Marcus Meyer
  • "Analysis of the hospital service request process"
    cand.-ing. Joerg Mueller
  • "Analysis of the hospital energy management process"
    cand.-ing. Christian Shekira
  • "Analysis of the process of building stock management using the example of the renovation of a bathroom in a hospital"
    cand.-ing. Klaus Hofbauer
  • "Introduction of a property-related service charge settlement in a state property and building construction office"
    cand.-ing. Valida Pinjo
    In cooperation with: State Property and Building Department Pforzheim
  • "Identification of correlations between facility management data and facility management objectives"
    cand.-ing. Sebastian Frank


Archive 2001
  • "Development of a concept for a holistic fire protection management system, which is integrated into an existing facility management system"
    cand.-ing. Christian Stüber
  • "Possible applications of a balanced scorecard system in facility management at Munich Airport"
    cand.-ing. Michael Hartmann
    In cooperation with: Munich Airport GmbH
  • "Analysis of the structure of clinics in Germany with regard to their sponsorship and resulting special features with regard to the awarding of facility management services".
    cand.-ing. Christian Shekira
  • "Analysis of the process of food supply in a hospital using the example of "cook and chill""
    cand.-ing. Steffen Rapp
    In cooperation with: Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe gGmbH
  • "Comparison of the market leading CAFM software providers"
    cand.-ing. Stefan Kopp
  • "CAFM - Requirements of façade maintenance for object structuring and mapping"
    cand.-ing. Thorsten Hellinger
    In cooperation with: Novasoft AG
  • "Analysis of the process "Conversion of an intensive care area of a hospital" with regard to structural and organisational fire protection".
    cand.-ing. Marco Dinale
    In cooperation with: Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe GmbH
  • "Development of a system for the target-performance comparison of facility management services
    cand.-ing. Gereon Room
    In cooperation with: Bremer Gebäudemanagement GmbH
  • "Analysis of the decisive factors influencing the key figures on media consumption in real estate".
    cand.-ing. Carolin Bahr
  • "Development of different utilisation concepts for a vacant property of Deutsche Bahn Immobiliengesellschaft mbH" (German Railway Real Estate Company)
    cand.-ing. Sven Brommann
    In cooperation with: German Railway Real Estate Company mbH
  • "Possibilities for the application of tenders of the facility management in virtual project rooms".
    cand.-ing. Stefan Mayer
    In cooperation with: Fay Facility Management GmbH
  • "Definition and creation of a database - Facility Management providers in Germany"
    cand.-ing. Gabriel Hintz
  • "Development of an external benchmarking system using the example of industrial real estate".
    cand.-ing. Michael Heuser
  • "Draft for a benchmarking of a heterogeneous real estate portfolio using the example of the state property and building construction office in Pforzheim
    cand.-ing. Guido Gerster
    In cooperation with: State Property and Building Department Pforzheim
  • "Analysis of the training structure of a facility management department in the public administration and development of needs-based training modules"
    cand.-ing. Martina Weigel
    In cooperation with: Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe GmbH
  • "Facility management characteristics of prisons using the example of a prison in Baden-Württemberg?
    cand.-ing. Oliver Donecker
  • "Development of optimization potentials for the facility management of an administrative building of the state property and building construction office Pforzheim".
    cand.-ing. Kamyar Bolourian
    In cooperation with: State Property and Building Department Pforzheim
  • "State of the art research in the field of "Use of real estate" with special regard to the aspects of the service life and useful life of real estate".
    cand.-ing. Stamatios Morakis
  • "Process cost analysis of different awarding procedures for small repairs"
    cand.-ing. Kurt Joachim Leistikow
  • "Analysis and optimization of specific technical facility management services for an airport - using the example of Frankfurt Airport".
    cand.-ing. Stephan Lechelt
    In cooperation with: FRAPORT AG
  • "Quality assurance of the facility management processes at Deutsche Bahn Immobiliengesellschaft mbH (DBImm)".
    cand.-ing. Robert Rebo
    In cooperation with: German Railway Real Estate Company mbH
  • "Optimisation of the process of dismantling and rebuilding of care and intensive care areas, taking into account ecological aspects".
    cand.-ing. Robert Rebo
    In cooperation with: Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe gGmbH
  • "Introduction of a computer-aided facility management solution in industrial practice"
    cand.-ing. Kamyar Bolourian


Archive 2000
  • "Analysis of the cost development of floor coverings over the life cycle of a property"
    cand.-ing. Andreas Straub
  • "Optimization of facility management processes for small and medium-sized property management companies" cand.-ing. Uli Barho