Aufbau eines Simulationsmodells zur Qualifizierung des neuen Vibrationsverfahrens für Dekontamination von Rohrleitungen (SimViDekont)

Initial Situation:

Blasting processes are generally used to remove stubborn deposits and incrustations in pipes. In both dry and wet processes, the auxiliary materials used are contaminated by the removed soiling and thus accumulate as secondary waste.

The overall objective of this BMBF-funded project "New process technologies for decontamination and sampling in pipelines using vibration technology" is to replicate, investigate and qualify the new vibration process for decontamination of pipelines using a simulation model.

The project is carried out in cooperation between the professorship "Deconstruction and Decommissioning of Conventional and Nuclear Buildings" within the Institute for Technology and Management in Construction, the Institute for Information Management in Engineering and the company sat. Kerntechnik GmbH carried out.



The simulation model will be adaptable and reusable for pipelines in different application areas (nuclear and conventional plants, oil and gas production, etc.). In the process, the simulation model will be validated by comparisons with experimental results on physical prototypes.




Work program

Problem analysis

Simulation model

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