Welcome to the Website of the Research Group “Lean Construction”

The economic progress of the construction industry hasn’t been able to keep up with the other main sectors of the economy for the last 60 years mainly because of the neglect of a  “continuous improvement of processes and the avoidance of waste” to aid the development of a modern production management based on “early cooperative teamwork of the project participants” and “systematic avoidance of process disturbances by a structured corporate foresight.”

There is, however, an internationally proven approach to handle construction projects with the approach of Lean Management in Construction (LMC.)  LMC is an adaption of the “Lean Thinking” management philosophy into the construction industry. The philosophy’s primary goal is to create customer satisfaction by increasing the production of value through the systematic search for waste (for example, in waiting time, large bearings, unnecessary transports, reworks, etc.) in order to eliminate it.

For this purpose employers, planners and contracting companies work together on planning construction and related detailed workflows as early as possible. During planning and construction the contracting companies coordinate processes together through the Last-Planner-SystemTM. Productivity is gained especially through the permanent stabilization of process by minimizing the disturbance of work performanc. The logistical approach of the pull-principle includes the timely delivery of material and information with minimal storage, which are controlled at the end of a sequence cascade.

The permanent stabilization of processes and the pull-principle form together the core “flow” of the production system.  The cooperative approach of LMC is carried out through new forms of contracts and is supported by the IT approach of Building Information Modelling (BIM) which enables a consistent digital modelling of the geometry, costs and deadlines from the planning to the operation of the building.