Development of an automated wet sandblasting system with integrated pneumatic suction for the removal of asbestos decontaminated filling material on concrete surfaces (FeSS)

Aim of the research project
The scope of this research project is to develop an innovative system/process for the complete removal of asbestos contaminated filling material. In addition, this new process is to be standardized and classified according to the German Standard TRGS 517. This novel approach is intended to replace the common practice of manual milling and grinding while housing the entire deconstruction and decommissioning site in.

The potential market volume is estimated at 3.6m buildings. As a matter of fact, the importance of this manual work has been disregarded to date. For this reason, there are no established procedures available and as a consequence, the demand from both building owners and constructors is remarkable. The currently employed methods for the removal of asbestos containing filling material are emission-high, resulting in a considerable extra work and expense.

For this reason, the focus is on developing a competitive system with a reasonable price/performance-ratio that is also attractive to smaller enterprises.