StakeHolder-based Analysis of REsearch for Decommissioning (SHARE)

  • Contact:

    M.Sc. Muhammad Junaid Ejaz Chaudhry

  • Funding:


  • Partner:

    CEA (FRA)
    EI (FRA)
    EPRI (USA)
    IFE (NOR)
    JRC (EU)
    LEI (LT)
    NNL (UK)
    VTT (FIN)

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The objective of SHARE project is to provide an inclusive roadmap for joint near future research, for stakeholders jointly to improve safety, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, with commitment to:

• build confidence in the steps needed for the generation of knowledge on decommissioning and its safety, economic and environmental aspects

• encourage the future coordination of Research and Innovation (R&I) activities strategically recommendable for financing in the next decades

• facilitate access to expertise and technology and maintain competences in the field of decommissioning and environmental remediation for the benefit of Member States.

A Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) will be set to define research priorities, develop a roadmap, and suggest joint activities that can actually be achieved in the field of decommissioning aiming at safety improvement, environmental impact minimisation and cost reduction. The SRA will be built through a consultation process considering the needs and points of view of different stakeholders and the existing and emerging innovative techniques and solutions together with international best practices and advanced technologies in decommissioning

The SRA will consider all the research and innovation activities in the field of decommissioning. It identifies the knowledge gaps and defines and prioritizes research topics. In addition to innovation and technological challenges, it also addresses policy, economics and social issues. The non-technological issues, may be organised as cross-cutting activities (e.g. maintaining sustainable competence, education and training, dialogue with regulators)

The goal of the roadmap is to organise the topics identified in the SRA in such a way that those relevant for joint activities are addressed along an implementation time-line. A proposal for the deployment plan for the roadmap will also be provided, envisaging how the joint activities could be implemented.

The identification of the most promising research topics will support EU and stakeholders in their understanding and evaluation of the strategic topics to be recommended for financial support in the next decades.