Development of a Mobile and Automated Optical System for the Inspection of Radioactive Waste Drums (EMOS)

The aim of the research project EMOS is the development of an automated drum inspection system that enables and documents the determination of the current state of an individual drum in exactly the same and reproducible way. EMOS is a mobile and automated inspection unit that remotely handles and scans the entire drum surface optically, including lid and bottom, analytically evaluates and electronically stores, as well as output the results in an inspection report. In this way, periodic inspections of the drum stock of an interim storage facility can be completed under always the same test conditions. A key benefit is the ability to remotely perform the inspection to reduce on-site radiation dose. The optical evaluation and presentation of the results through a specially developed software will ensure a more accurate inspection and analysis of the drums surfaces as it is possible by manual and visual inspections currently performed at the interim storage facilities. Continuous monitoring of stored drum casks is facilitated, and the traceability of possible damages and their development through the comparison of archived measurement results is a novel and powerful tool that helps to increase the safety aspects of intermediate storage and to ensure long-term safety. Corrosion damage can thus be detected at a very early stage and the loss of integrity of the storage container can be counteracted at an early stage by appropriate measures. Thus, the research and development work within the EMOS project will contribute to the increase of the safety of extended interim storage.