Development of a novel universally internal backflow preventer for dismantling contaminated Pipelines (RoTre)

The aim of the collaborative project between academic and industrial research is the development of an innovative and competitiveness internal backflow preventer for use by decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities with a range of applications for differ pipe diameters, wall strengths, and materials. An amendment will be the forward cleaning, whereby metal chips or other components can be continuous captured. After application the system can be decontaminated. Due to the high flexibility and the universal applicability many hours of work for developing and design for decommissioning and dismantling techniques can be conserved. The project has been planned and organised by Siempelkamp NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH in cooperation with TMB - Institute of Technology and Management in Construction. The RWE Nuclear GmbH ist still acting as consultant for the project.

This comprises the following subprojects: 

Siempelkamp NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH: Development, construction, and testing of a novel tetaining and carrier system with an add-on unit plus the drive system.

TMB: Development of an innovative demonstrator cutting tool and construction of the test stand for experimental studies

RWE Nuclear GmbH: Free project consultancy which particulary includes the definition of demands for the novel universally internal backflow preventer