Manipulator Operated Release Measurement of Surfaces (MAFRO)

Initial Situation

Climbing robot MANOLA
  • Decontamination progress (process chain)
  1. Measurement of radioactive surface contamination
  2. Decontamination
  3. Release measurement
  • Currently there is no comprehensive system for the above steps 1) to 3) available
  • Supplying the carrier device of MANOLA with a detector head – in connection with a quick coupling system for the laser processing head as an additional attachment – closes the process chain for decontamination
  • There are no remote-controlled systems for surface measurement / release measurement available
  • Cooperation between the Institute for Technology and Management in Construction (TMB) and the Institute for Process Control and Robotics (IPR)

Goals of research project

process chain
  • Development of a single system for surface ablation and measurement tasks (consisting of contamination measurement, decontamination, and release measurement
  • Development of a comprehensive system for the remote-controlled measurement of surfaces

Work schedule

radiation detector
  • Development and implementation of a new detector head on the manipulator
  • Automated data recording and processing at the detector head
  • Universal measuring disc structure and kinematics of the detector head
  • Installation of a 3D scanner on the transport system
  • Environmental model generation / location of the manipulator by the 3D scanner
  • Autonomous path planning of manipulator using navigation algorithms
  • Evaluation of the developed algorithms and techniques in a test field