Energetic refurbishment

Qualification goals of the lecture

Students can present the legal framework for energy-related refurbishment measures and apply the methods of evaluating the energy performance of buildings.


  • Historical and political development on energy savings
  • Energy forms and calculation of the energy demand of buildings
  • Energy evaluation of buildings according to EnEV
  • Renewable energies

Course of the lecture

For students of Civil Engineering this lecture is part of the module Building in Existing Contexts and Energy-Refurbishment.

Students of the Industrial Engineering course can choose this partial service within the module Digitization around Building Management or Facility Management in Hospitals.

Usually this lecture takes place weekly during the lecture period. Please note the announcements of the module under News.


For students of Civil engineering this examination is included in the written module examination Building in Existing Contexts and Energy Efficient Renovation.

For students of Industrial Engineering this is an independent examination.

Please find the date of the exam under News.