Sustainability in property management

Qualification targets

Students can present the essential interrelationships within sustainable construction and operation and understand the importance of multi-criteria analysis. Students analyse current scientific publications in this field independently with the aim of arguing thematically in society. They are able to explain the focal points of international real estate sustainability certification systems, describe differences in their valuation methodology and highlight their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, the students are able to apply selected evaluation criteria of the presented systems.


  • Definition and history of the concept of sustainability
  • Study of current peer-reviewed papers
  • Economic, ecological and socio-cultural significance of the built environment
  • Costs and environmental impacts of real estate
  • National and international sustainability assessment procedures for real estate
    • DGNB
    • LEED
    • BREEAM
    • GEFMA
    • WELL


The lecture takes place as a classroom event in 7 lectures of 180 minutes each.

The first three lectures deal with the basics of sustainable building and include group work. In the second half of the lecture, starting in lecture 4, sustainability certification systems will be presented and compared with the help of external speakers.


Success is monitored as part of the written module examination "Sustainability in Real Estate Management". The processing time for the part "Sustainability in Real Estate Management" is 45 minutes.

DGNB University Cooperation

Every year, students in the module "Sustainability in Real Estate Management" have the opportunity to take the "DGNB Registered Professional" examination as part of the DGNB university cooperation. The examination dates are set in consultation with the students in the course of the respective semester.

Upon passing the exam, students receive a certificate that shows their performance. The "DGNB Registered Professional" is an ideal basis for a career in the field of DGNB certification as a DGNB Consultant or DGNB Auditor.

For current information on DGNB cooperation and training to become a DGNB Registered Professional, please visit the homepage of the DGNB Academy.