Augmented Reality in plant management

First manufacturers have developed products with Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality that visualize maintenance steps. Technicians are navigated through step-by-step instructions for complex tasks. Additional information can be displayed. However, this cannot yet be called standard, as the development of the individual instructions is complex and cost-intensive and often only exists as example projects.


Digitisation is a complex topic that holds great potential for economic use. The potential can be increased many times over if data is recorded and maintained in a meaningful way. In the future, a large number of jobs will deal intensively with the field of digitisation. The construction and real estate industries in particular can learn from other sectors and promote sector coupling. If the aim is to maximise profits without losing quality and time, costs must be reduced. Digitisation offers many approaches to this, which already exist and only need to be implemented in the companies. The task of this project is to accompany these processes and to break through prevailing and established procedures.

Research objective

The research project offers an opportunity, especially for facility management companies, to penetrate this niche and ultimately to draw a positive added value from it. It is to be shown that the application of new technologies also creates new possibilities which result in an increase in value. The project will demonstrate how a cross-platform connection between different devices used in FM is created. The basic idea here is the establishment of the connection and the data transfer from sensors via an online database to the processing and output of the data on the HoloLens. The resulting data can be used to facilitate and optimise work steps in facility management. As soon as the data is transferred to a database that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, this simplifies basic processes in facility management.