Building stock management - Church maintenance


The buildings in the church property portfolio have so far been managed according to the "fire brigade strategy" or default strategy. Necessary maintenance measures are thus carried out in an uncoordinated manner at the request of the parishes, often only after damage has occurred.


In order to be able to act more foresightedly in the future, the Evangelical Regional Church would like to use a maintenance strategy to plan the necessary maintenance measures in advance and to specifically control maintenance backlogs. The aim of the planned project is thus to develop a holistic maintenance strategy that will enable the church properties to be systematically maintained. The aim here is to keep the extent of maintenance expenditure as constant as possible in the future so that the church budget can be estimated at a comparatively constant level of maintenance funds each year. The strategy is also intended to serve as a basis for the introduction of a so-called "early warning system", with which attention can be drawn to the correspondingly necessary work and its financial scope several years before the maintenance measures are carried out, so that the Regional Church and the parishes concerned can prepare themselves in good time for forthcoming maintenance measures.