Facility and property management 2


  • Outsourcing and awarding regulations in facility management
  • Data collection
  • Transition
  • CAFM in Facility Management
  • Presentation of measurement criteria for SLA and KPI and their digitalization/li>

Course of the lecture

For students of civil engineering this lecture is part of the module Sustainability in Real Estate Management and is a submodule of this module.

Students of Industrial Engineering & Management can choose this submodule as part of the module Digitization around Building Management or Facility Management in Hospitals.

Usually this lecture takes place in the last weeks of the lecture period. Please note the announcements of the module under News.

The workload of this submodule amounts to

  • Attendance time of the lecture: 15 hrs.
  • Preparation and wrap-up of the lecture: 15 hours
  • Exam preparation: 15 hours


For students of civil engineering this examination is included in the module examination Sustainability in the Real Estate Industry with a share of 25% (=22.5 min).

For students of industrial engineering and management this is a separate examination of 22.5 min.

Please find the date of the exam under News.