Digital twin

The digital twin is the networking of physical objects with one or more digital objects. Through sensor technology it is possible to record data on a large scale and exchange them with each other in real time. This creates the possibility to integrate the existing environment into computer-based systems, which results in an increase of efficiency, accuracy, predictability and ultimately a higher economic benefit. The digital transformation thus also results in a transformation of established products, services, business models and value chains. However, while technology-related sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering are already relatively advanced, there is a need to catch up and understand the technological possibilities in the real estate sector. In particular, the concept of the digital twin offers a high efficiency potential at various levels, which needs to be raised.


The German government has set itself the goal of achieving a "climate-neutral building stock" by 2050. This goal can only be achieved if, in addition to the use of renewable energies, the operating process of existing buildings is improved. The efficiency and value-added potential of the life-cycle management of buildings can thus be increased through digital technologies, thus providing significant support for the Federal Government's goal.

Digitaler Zwilling
Real-time capability
Digitaler Zwilling
Networking of the objects

Research objective

New innovations resulting from the digitalization of entire process chains also have a major impact on facility management. However, digital transformation is still a distant goal. The three highly digitized show houses of Energy Lab 2.0 on the KIT campus offer a unique opportunity to significantly contribute to this goal. These fully automated and identical show houses offer the possibility to research innovative and digital solutions for building operation without being bound to legal framework conditions. The innovative optimization of the longest, most expensive and energy-rich phase of a property - the utilization phase - also has a great impact.

The aim of this project is to bring together established facility management companies, real estate owners* and PropTechs and to jointly develop a practice-oriented research concept for building operation. In doing so, the technical requirements, the economic efficiency, the practicable benefit, the user behaviour and general conditions of a property should always be taken into account so that the results can be transferred into practice.

Workshop 01.10.2020

We invite selected FM companies, commercial and real estate owners* as well as innovative PropTechs from the field of digital twins to our work-shop. The workshop is also intended to serve as a networking event, so that this can serve as an initial spark for new innovative cooperations. In particular, we would like to explore the concept of the digital twin with you, since this concept has a high efficiency potential in building operation on various levels, which we would like to raise together with you. Are you interested? Then register directly!

Workshop 01.10.2020