Lean Construction – Complexity Management of AEC Design Processes

Application of Multiple Domain Matrix for Lean Design


  • Design activities produce information and providing the right information to the right activity at the right time is critical for the quality of information produced by each activity.
  • Information flow between designers is highly determined by the organizational structure of a project. Mismatched information flows often cause misunderstandings and frustration among designers. 


  • Improve information flow between designers to increase quality of information flowing in the design process by adapting the organizational structure to communication needs.
  • Improve efficiency of set-based design process by avoiding wrong decisions due to bad information quality: Reduce risk of pursuing a solution of the set which is actually not valid, or of dismissing an actual valid design solution from the process.
  • Reduce leap of risk in staged set-based design process through combination of experts’ knowhow and analytical methods, especially in complex project environments.