Facility Management in Southern Africa


Southern Africa is currently undergoing rapid economic development. The volume of investment in the infrastructure there has risen sharply in recent years. The established infrastructure and the buildings constructed must be sustainably managed and maintained in the future. This requires comprehensive know-how. Against this background, the existing range of lectures at the partner universities in South Africa and Namibia, which primarily focus on the construction of buildings, will be supplemented by the Faculty of Facility Management (FM).

Facility Management im Süden Afrikas


By 2012, the range of courses offered by the CPUT in Cape Town and the PoN in Windhoek is to be supplemented by the subject area of Facility Management. The courses offered there have so far concentrated on the pure planning and construction phase of a building. By taking a holistic view of real estate over its entire life cycle, the Facility Management course will establish a unique course of study in Southern Africa.