Lectures by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kunibert Lennerts

April 2015:/112/"The operationally optimized hospital thanks to benchmarking and new innovative planning methods",
Conference Immohealthcare 2015, 30 April 2015, Bern

April 2015:/111/"Energy Efficiency in Baden-Württemberg Healthcare Institutions", conference organised by the Ministry of
Environment, Climate and Energy Industry Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with the baden-
Württembergische Krankenhausgesellschaft e.V. (BWKG), April 22, 2015, Stuttgart

April 2015:/110/"Optimal value maintenance strategies for existing properties from the point of view of facility management:
Measures and Costs", 3rd Competence Forum CONTEXT IMMOBILIE, 21 April 2015, Frankfurt am Main

March 2015:/109/"Business Organisation Planning and FM Optimisation", symposium on the construction and operation of hospitals
with best practices at the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich, March 2015

January 2015:/108/"New life cycle oriented research results and benchmarks for hospital FM practice",
Infrastructure Workshop and Symposium, 26 / 27 January 2015, Munich

November 2014:/107/"Business Organization Planning and FM Optimization in Hospitals",
Construction and operation of hospitals, 26 November 2014, Vienna

October 2014:/106/"How to make our FM business sustainable."
9th International Conference Facility Management Realization in Bulgaria, October 23-24, 2014, Sofia
March 2014:/105/"Business organization and FM optimization in hospitals", construction and operation of hospitals,
24.03.-25.03.2014, Mainz
March 2014:/104/"Who needs quality?", Facility Management Summit 2014, Heiligendamm
April 2013:/103/"Business Organization Planning and FM Optimization in Hospitals",
Annual Forum on the Construction and Operation of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Freiburg, April 2013
March 2013:/102/"Facility Management - Take a deep breath", Facility Management Summit 2013, Heiligendamm
February 2013:/101/Chairman of the session "Sustainability Certification of Existing Real Estate
Facility Management Congress 2013, Frankfurt
January 2013:/100/Moderation of the session "Growth = Prosperity: 40 years after CLUB OF ROME:
Is a paradigm shift still possible", Hamburg
January 2013:/99/"Best practice example: MILANEO - modern neighbourhood development"
ECE Sustainability Congress, Hamburg
January 2013:/98/"Useful Life vs. Lifetime", 10th Stuttgart Real Estate Seminar, Stuttgart, January 2013
November 2012:/97/"The Challenge of the European Facility Management Market driven by Sustainability
Certification Systems"
IFMA World Workplace, San Antonio
October 2012:/96/"Sustainability in FM: Trends and development"
Seventh International Conference Facility Management: Implementation in Bulgaria -
Effectiveness. Responsibility. Sustainability., Sofia
October 2012:/95/"The Challenge of existing building stocks"
IALCCE 2012, Vienna
September 2012:/94/"Introduction of a space management system in a hospital"
TK 2012 (technology in hospital)
June 2012:/93/"Optimization potential of FM in hospitals"
Conference on the construction and operation of hospitals and health care facilities
June 2012:/92/"Do we need sustainable facility management?"
Conference Strategic Facility Management
April 2012:/91/"Potentials for optimizing processes in hospitals"
Annual Forum Real Estate in the Healthcare Sector
April 2012:/90/

Moderation "Knowledge and Risk Management

11th Research Symposium at EFMC 2012, Copenhagen

March 2012:/89/"Project and Facility Management"
The variable modules (DGNB), thematic knowledge sustainable building, ifbau Institut Fortbildung Bau
March 2012:/88/

Moderation "FM in Healthcare II

Facility Management Fair and Congress, Frankfurt

March 2012:/87/

Moderation "Sustainable planning, construction, operation, maintenance

Facility Management Fair and Congress, Frankfurt

February 2012:/86/"Do we need sustainable facility management?", Facility Management Summit 2012, Heiligendamm
November 2011:/85/

"Facility Management and Sustainability - European Trends"

ICCREM International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management, Guangzhou, China, 18 - 20 November 2011

October 2011:/84/

"Sustainability and FM"

6th international Conference Facility Management - Realization in Bulgaria, Sofia

October 2011:


"FM Development Trends in Europe"

6th international Conference Facility Management - Implementation in Bulgaria, Sofia

October 2011:


Moderation of the Facility Management Day - "Sustainable Operation - Paths and Vision".


September 2011:


"A Building's Life-Cycle Costs"

Forum Sofia Sustainability more than green, Sofia, September 2011

July 2011:


"Optimization potential of FM in hospitals"

Construction and operation of hospitals and healthcare facilities, Heidelberg

May 2011:


"Life Cycle Considerations - A Scientific Overview"

ATGA Facility Congress, Vienna

May 2011:


"Sustainable Health Care Infrastructure"

The Nohr-Con Conference on planning and designing Hospitals of the Future 2011, Copenhagen

March 2011:


"Sustainable Shopping Centers"

4th FM network meeting, Königswinter

March 2011:


"Sustainable health care infrastructure"

EUREGIO III Project 3rd Master Class Programme, Lisbon

February 2011:


"Facility Management in Change - Trends from the Perspective of Research and Science"

Facility Management Summit 2011, Heiligendamm

November 2010:


"Sustainable health care infrastructure"

EUREGIO III Project 2nd Master Class Programme, Bratislava

November 2010:


"Sustainable Hospitals"

Medica, 33rd hospital day, Düsseldorf

October 2010:


"Service life prediction of building components"

IALCCE 2010 Second International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering, Taipei, Taiwan

October 2010:


Moderation Session II "Sustainability and Ecology in FM "Green Economics

Fifth International Conference, 14 - 15 October 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria

October 2010:


"Trends in European FM"

Fifth International Conference, 14-15 October 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria

June 2010:


"Diagnosis related strategies for hospital planning and operation"

European Congress Healthcare Planning and Design, Rotterdam

June 2010:


"FM Benchmarking in Healthcare Real Estate"

Conference on Construction and Operation of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities , 15-16 June 2010-04-20

June 2010:/67/

"Sustainable hospitals - a german approach"

European Congress Healthcare Planning and Design, Rotterdam

May 2010:/66/

"Sustainability and Facility Management - Who is pushing"

European Facility Management Summit 2010, Cannes, 5-7 May

May 2010:/65/

"Participation of medium-sized companies in PPP projects in Baden-Württemberg"

PPP Conference Baden-Württemberg 2010, Stuttgart

February 2010:/64/

"Sustainability: From phytomer to shopping center"

Facility Management Summit 2010, Heiligendamm

November 2009:/63/

"Changes for the private sector for FM of public buildings"

Facility Management Congress, Pirogov, Bulgaria

October 2009:/62/

"Moderation of the Facility Management Day - proving its worth in the crisis: awarding strategies in asset, property and facility management"


October 2009:/61/

"Demographic change - demands on FM in hospitals"

Conference "Hospital concepts - planning, building and operating medical centres", Berlin

September 2009:/60/

"Hospital Facility Management and Operational Cost Strategy"

Master Class Programme EUREGIO III, Budapest

July 2009:/59/

"Research on maintenance - A contribution to sustainable housing"

SAHF Regional Housing Conference & Exhibition, Swakopmund, Namibia

May 2009:/58/

"The Future of healthcare delivery: an international EFM perspective

National Healthcare Estates & Facilities Management Association (HEFMA) Conference, UK

March 2009:/57/

"FM Benchmarking in Healthcare Real Estate"

Conference "Construction and Operation of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities", Düsseldorf

February 2009:/56/

"Sustainability - an opportunity for FM?"

Facility Management Summit 2009, Montreux

January 2009:/55/

"Demographic change: Requirements for facility management in hospitals"

11th Facility Management Talks, Kufstein

November 2008:/54/

"Facility Management Benchmarking System"

First Franco-German conference "Restructuring and expansion of existing hospital locations with the help of PPP", Berlin

October 2008:/53/

"Keynote lecture "Secondary process optimization in hospitals"

Workshop "Scenario management in hospitals", Hanover

September 2008:/52/

"Cost and performance transparency as the basis for quantifying risk in PPPs in the hospital sector".

TK 2008 Technology in hospital, Hanover

June 2008:/51/"Maintenance Budgeting Methods"

CIBW 70 International Conference in Facility Management, Achieving Healthy and Creative Facilities, Edinburgh

June 2008:/50/

"Identification of building- and usage-dependent parameters with significant impact on maitance expenditure via lifecycle analysis"

European Facility Management Conference, Manchester

March 2008:/49/

"PPP in Baden-Württemberg - current status and prospects"

Event "The PPP model for medium-sized construction companies", Kraichtal

October 2007:/48/

"Life cycle analysis based on real data"

Future House Congress 2007 "Strategies for Energy Efficiency", Berlin

October 2007:/47/

"Discussion Group 3 "Quality and Life Cycle"

6th Leipzig building discussion "Building in Germany - Quality wins", Leipzig

September 2007:/46/

"The German real estate market in transition in the construction industry or vice versa"

POM autumn conference, Zurich

May 2007:/45/

"FM per DRG or: How effective are your secondary processes?"

FM Messe Frankfurt Mesago 2007, Frankfurt

April 2007:/44/

"FM Status Quo in Europe"

Conference "Construction and Operation of Hospitals and Healthcare Real Estate", Dresden

March 2007:/43/

"FM-specific requirements for PPP projects in the hospital sector"

Workshop PPP in the hospital sector, Berlin

March 2007:/42/

"FM in Healthcare"

EuroFM Conference 2007, Manchester

October 2006:/41/

"Moderation panel discussion "Basics of strategic facility management" and lecture "Public Private Partnership

"Facility Management - Implementation in Bulgaria" First Facility Management Technical Seminar in Sofia, Sofia (Bulgaria)

September 2006:/40/

"Change in the FM and construction industries through CEN?"

3rd International Facility Management Symposium, Karlsruhe

April 2006:/39/

"Current study on the topic of "Real estate life cycle costs""

cre.net, spring meeting, Cologne

April 2006:/38/

"New principles of facilities planning - the OPIK research project"

EuHPN European Health Property Network, Investing and Planning for Health, Budapest (Hungary)

March 2006:/37/

"Performance audit of PPP"

PPP Workshop &quotWege zu Wirtschaftlichkeit und Effizienz", Hirschberg, March 2006

February 2006:/36/

"FM Benchmarking of Hospitals"

Specialist conference on the construction and operation of hospitals and healthcare properties, Management Forum Starnberg, Bauverlag Springer BauMedien, Würzburg

November 2005:/35/

"Optimized, life cycle oriented management strategies for the preservation of value in the stock"

ILM Conference 2005, Conference for Real Estate Life Cycle Management, Düsseldorf

October 2005:/34/

"Facility Management of Hospitals"

MBA programme Health Care Management, Trier

October 2005:/33/

"Strategic Facility Management"

Postgraduate Training Course, Strategic Facility Management and Facility Management in Hospitals, Karlsruhe

September 2005:/32/

"Comparison of economic efficiency"

Karlsruhe Innovation Days: PPP - Public Private Partnership, Karlsruhe

August 2005:/31/

"Facility Management"

MBA programme International Hospital Management, Vienna

July 2005:/30/

"Where does CAFM really help? - Current fields of application and future trends according to system users"

22nd Conference on Information Technology in Construction, Dresden

April 2005:/29/

"Cost allocation for FM services in hospitals"

EFMC 2005, European Facility Management Conference, Frankfurt

April 2005:/28/

"Facility Management in Hospitals"

Postgraduate Training Course - Restructuring in Hospital Management, Karlsruhe

February 2005:/27/

"FM-Benchmarking in hospitals, field report on the benchmarking of 13 hospitals"

VDI Conference Düsseldorf

February 2005:/26/

FM vs. event management - No event management without facility management?

Symposium: "Arenas, city halls and event centres - simply priceless", Berlin

October 2004:/25/

"Benchmarking of secondary processes - cost or process comparisons"

TK 2004, Organizer: Hannover Medical School, Hannover, October 2004

September 2004:/24/

"Hospital Facilities Management - the OPIK research project"

Postgraduate Training Course Health Care Management, Karlsruhe

July 2004:/23/

"Benchmarking in 13 German Hospitals - Results of the OPIK Research Project

18th Congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering, Orlando

July 2004:/22/

"No PPP without facility management"

PPP initiative meeting, Karlsruhe

June 2004:/21/

"Lifetime Engineering of Buildings and Civil Infrastructures" Thematic Network

FACILITY MANAGEMENT 2004 (June 15-17, 2004, Düsseldorf)

May 2004:/20/

"The research project OPIKFacility Management in hospitals" and "Hospital FM Report

Federal Conference FKT 2004, Trier

February 2004:/19/

"Lifetime, Lifecon and more from international FM research"

2nd International Facility Management Symposium 2004, Karlsruhe

December 2003:/18/

"Basics in Facility Management"

The Workshop of Facility Management, 7-8 December 2003, Tehran, Iran

November 2002:/17/

"Interactive Research Program Optimization and Analysis of Processes in Hospitals (OPIK)"

Infraserv Höchst, Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt

November 2002:/16/

"The training at Germany's first FM chair"

Corenet Global autumn meeting, Offenburg

May 2002:/15/

"Facility management - a process view"

DePfa IT Congress 2002 Garmisch Partenkirchen

March 2002:/14/

"Facility management - all or nothing?"

Annual reception of the TÜV Hessen, Darmstadt

February 2002:/13/

"Do we need an academic janitor?

International Facility Management Symposium 2002, Karlsruhe

November 2001:/12/

"First University Chair in Facility Management"

Regional Financial Directorate Gengenbach

October 2001:/11/

"BSC as a management tool in facility management"

Conference BeB, House Bethel Leipzig

September 2001:/10/

"Production and facility management - a symbiosis?"

Autodesk, Frankfurt

September 2001:/9/

"Optimization and Analysis of Processes in Hospitals (OPIK)"

TK 2001, Hanover

September 2001:/8/

"Facility management - just a fashion trend?"

Business Club Frankfurt, Frankfurt

September 2001:/7/

"Holistic Facility Management"

Congress fair for management in health care in Cologne

May 2001:/6/

"Facility Management in Germany - a review of the situation"

Facility Management - Strategies & Concepts / Conference, Pfäffikon (CH), EUROFORUM

March 2001:/5/

"Processus bases sur internet / Internet-based process handling"

GE-.TH Annual Conference, Rostock

February 2001:/4/

"Balanced scorecard as a management tool in controlling"

Controlling in Facility Management / Conference, Wiesbaden, management forum Starnberg

October 2000:/3/

"BSC as a management tool in facility management"

Future FM Facility Management - challenges, solutions, optimisation potential / Nuremberg, IIR Germany

October 2000:/2/

"German training and further education in the field of facility management - a desert within Europe ?

Future FM Facility Management - challenges, solutions, optimisation potential / Nuremberg, IIR Germany

September 2000:/1/

"Is there a German Facility Management perspective within Europe?"

13th symposium supply engineering "Technical management" / University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel